Vladimir Plizga

Software Engineer


About Me

Passionate developer, research enthusiast, open source fan, happy father, amateur athlete – that’s what describes me, your host on this another personal web page. Welcome! 👋

Here I share my experience in various professional fields that I discover in my job and hobby. For instance, there are several helpful tools that I created for simplifying day-to-day work. There’re also a few explanatory articles about different aspects of enterprise development in Java™.

As a citizen of West Siberia, I use Russian as my primary language so please be patient to my deficient English. Whichever language you speak, I’m pleased to meet you here! 🙂


  • Backend Development
  • Open Source Software
  • Applied Cryptography


  • Bachelor & Engineer in Computer Science, 2010

    Novosibirsk State Technical University


Published on this site

How to visualize a Spring Integration graph with Neo4j?

Building a bridge from enterprise Java world to graph databases world

AppCDS for Spring Boot applications: first contact

AppCDS seems a promising and easy performance optimization for Spring Boot microservices. But the reality is not so simple…

These and other articles are also available in Russian.


My home-made tools for various needs



A web application for viewing various logs in real time


A Java agent for injecting test behaviors into applications


A toolkit for applying AppCDS to Spring Boot microservices [WIP]

Spring Boot JShell Helper

A script for launching JShell against Spring Boot “fat” JARs

NSS Java Maker

A CLI utility for decrypting TLS traffic with JVM logs


A streaming Java implementation of Shamir’s secret sharing scheme [frozen]


Past & forthcoming

Over the last few years I gave several talks on various Java-related events including Joker and JPoint conferences. Because all of them used Russian language, they are listed on the corresponding page.

On my talk, JPoint 2020 conference


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